Sustainable Summits

Gathering face-to-face is an important part of driving innovation, building community, and collaborating for positive change. We recognize that travel has a significant impact on the environment, so we want to let our SAFe community members know how Scaled Agile is working to lower our carbon impact and support more sustainable events.

Eliminating Excess Paper

Instead of filling conference bags with unnecessary paper, we encourage attendees to access documentation and training materials online. Summit schedules—including details about presenters, sessions, and locations—are available through an electronic app on your personal mobile phone.

Eco-friendly Signage

It’s important for event attendees to know where they are going, but signs and banners are not intended to last forever. Summit event signage is constructed from eco-friendly cardboard, ensuring that we can easily recycle materials after they are no longer in use.

Recycling and Composting

We are proud to work with venues that are as respectful of the environment as we are. To ensure good stewardship, we require our contracts with hotel partners to include as much recycling and composting as possible. We avoid single-use materials and request china or compostable plates at mealtimes.

Waste Reduction

We all love to party, but no one wants a ton of trash. Summit parties feature eco-friendly decor rather than damaging materials like mylar and latex balloons. To avoid food waste we are thoughtful about only ordering items we believe will be consumed. We make access to recycling and composting stations easy and abundant so you can enjoy yourself without feeling wasteful.

Water Stations

Did you know that producing a plastic bottle of water uses three times the amount of water than the bottle contains? Instead of providing bottled water throughout the event, we encourage attendees to visit hydration stations to fill their personal containers as needed.

Constant Improvement

Relentless improvement is in our DNA. We’ll continue to look for better ways to be a good steward of the communities we impact through our events.

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