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Jonathan Coyle

Jonathan Coyle, Head of Agile Factory Operations, Murex

Jonathan is responsible for Agile Strategy at Murex as well as Head of Agile Factory Operations, covering its development centers in Dublin, Paris and Beirut.

Following the completion of his Master’s degree in Management Science, he joined Murex in 2005, initially starting in consulting, before moving into Product Management. While in Product Management, Jonathan had the opportunity to deploy agile ways of working in the Dublin office, which led to his current roles leading the Murex Agile Transformation.

Jonathan now spends his time between his home on the west coast of Ireland, as well as Murex’s Dublin, Paris, and Beirut offices, working with the transformation team of Agile Coaches, RTEs and Transformation agents, to deploy agility at scale across its value chain.

In his spare time, Jonathan surfs, coaches rugby and runs after his two young daughters.

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