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Keynote: Accelerate! The Road to True Business Agility

Business agility represents an enterprises’ ability to rapidly and continuously respond to market changes and emerging business models.

In today’s digital age, business agility is completely dependent on creating and deploying innovative digital systems. In turn, that requires mastery of SAFe’s five core competencies. And yet, that’s not enough—business agility requires all aspects of the organization—leadership, sales, marketing, operations, supply chain, manufacturing, finance, legal, people operations, and more—to become more agile in their approach, and to work effectively with agile technology development.

In this keynote, Dean Leffingwell will describe how an enterprise can assess their business agility and understand what they can do to move from their current state to a more desirable—and more competitive—future state.


Location: Date: 09/05/2019 Time: 09:25 - 10:15 Dean Leffingwell