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Mapping Organizational Roles to SAFe Roles

Mapping traditional development roles to the new ones in SAFe seems theoretically simple but, in practice, it can be quite challenging. Organizations cannot use a one-size-fits-all approach to move people into a new SAFe role based on their current one (for example, from Project Manager to Scrum Master). Role mapping requires consideration of not only hard and soft skills, but also key competencies and other attributes. A successful transition strategy requires that people understand the SAFe transformation vision and timing, how their role will change, and most importantly that they feel secure in their job.

In this session, we will explore the importance and challenges of mapping organizational roles to SAFe roles. Specifically, we will cover:

  • Creating the transformation vision that motivates and compels people to participate in the transformation
  • How you should go about informing people about the new SAFe roles
  • Understand how the key competencies and other attributes of each role to source the best candidates for each of the SAFe roles

Level: beginner

Location: Date: 09/05/2019 Time: 13:15 - 14:00