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Lightning Talks Session 3

 Room #1: King Willem Alexander
Why does scaling Agile fail—five anti-patterns you should know about
by Liang Que

In the last five years, more and more large enterprises in Germany—such as an international bank, insurer, automotive, and telecom firms—were considering and applying SAFe. This session will go through typical anti-patterns, i.e., pitfalls done in real cases.

 Room #2: Mississippi
How SAFe will help with the 24 success factors from Accelerate
by Pieter de Beijer

In the 2018 Accelerate book by Nicole Forsgren, Jez Humble, and Gene Kim, we find 24 factors contributing to organizational performance, based on State of DevOps reports 2013 to 2017. How do SAFe principles and practices support these 24 factors? This talk is primarily intended for those who have not yet read the Accelerate book.

 Room #3: Amazon
LACE—The key for success in a large-scale transformation rollout
by Nina Laaksonen & Tom Cussell

A presentation on how Nokia Software’s SAFe launch, with thousands of developers across multiple continents, was planned and steered through the LACE Hub-and-Spoke model.

 Room #4: Yangtze
What to do when trust is gone?
by Oliver Beine & Sabine Klein

Productive teams in SAFe are built on the foundation of trust. If you have no trust, you won’t gain traction, but trust is lost faster than it is built. We will show you how trust is lost within a team and how you can rebuild it.

 Room #5: Onyx
Trust-based governance—create more grip, joy, and value in your ARTs!
by Andres Jansen

The Lean-Agile leader understands the importance of transparency and alignment. And feels the need to heal the system, ensuring long-term success. But how? Control conflicts with Agile? The answer lies in a simple but effective story: Trust Based Governance. Supplemented with practical examples, you can start improving trust and control tomorrow, creating more grip, joy, and value in your SAFe implementation.




Location: Date: 10/05/2019 Time: 11:10 - 11:25