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Lightning Talk Session 4

 Room #1: King Willem Alexander
From 0 to 500 Agile teams in 18 months—Volvo Cars implementing SAFe
by Mikael Westerdahl

An overview of Volvo Cars’ focused and fast-moving transformation. Going from traditional waterfall development to an Agile approach—implementing SAFe for the entire product development organization, not only for the software area.

 Room #2: Mississippi
Lean Portfolio Management—lessons learned when working in large scale
by Olli Mannerkoski

Lessons learned on the role of Lean Portfolio Management when running a portfolio consisting of tens of products developed by thousands of people in multiple continents.

 Room #3: Amazon
Agile management tools on a program level
by Fridgeir Scopelitis Eyjolfsson

Why is the Agile management tool so important at the Program level? This talk is spiced with horror stories from the trenches; and will share what to do and what not to do when making it part of your PI execution.

 Room #4: Yangtze
How to implement lightweight Lean Portfolio Management
by Simon Porro

Lightweight Lean Portfolio Management (LW-LPM) is a small subset of the LPM practices. By implementing LW-LPM, even a single ART can successfully introduce the LPM Mindset/collaboration to a Traditional Project Steering Committee.

 Room #5: Onyx
Lean-Agile Leadership through action learning—linking business & learning
by Pia Peterson

Learn how to train Lean-Agile Leadership based on action learning—creating a strong link between business, everyday life, and learning. Be inspired from experiences designing and executing a participant-centered and practice-based training program.




Location: Date: 10/05/2019 Time: 11:35 - 11:50