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Keynote: Tackling Awesome Super Problems

The Agile values and practices we all hold dear not only give us the ability to solve problems associated with software development but provide us with the muscle-memory to address ‘awesome super problems.’  These extreme challenges worsen through inaction and resolving them requires large-scale collaboration with people who often have competing values and goals.

A remarkable thing happens when we make progress on solving these awesome super-problems—we discover new ways to handle other similar challenges, which arise when we transform our organizations into Lean Enterprises.

In this keynote, Luke Hohmann, an internationally recognized expert, and speaker on Agile Software Development will show how decision-making and collaboration frameworks (thinking tools) pioneered by the Agile community can be used to tackle awesome super-problems. The author of four books, numerous articles and an inventor of more than a dozen patents, Luke helped co-found the first Agile conference in 2003, has served on the Agile Alliance board of directors, and consults with customers like Automation Anywhere, BMW, Cisco, RELX Group, The City of San José, CA, Verifone, and more.

Location: Date: 10/05/2019 Time: 09:10 - 10:05