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Is Organizational Agility a Missing SAFe Core Competency?

SAFe provides a proven, effective, and extensive guide to achieving the core competencies of the Lean Enterprise. Team and Technical Agility, DevOps and Release on Demand, building Large Business Solutions and Lean Systems Engineering, and Lean Portfolio Management are all necessary competencies for enabling the Lean enterprise to compete in an age of digital disruption. And yet, even these skills don’t assure true business agility. True business agility demands even more. All aspects of the enterprise—sales, marketing, operations, supply, manufacturing, finance, legal, HR, and more—must become more Agile and adaptive, and the enterprise must also exhibit far more fluid organizational dynamics. In this tutorial, Dean Leffingwell will describe ‘Organizational Agility’ and illustrate how Agile People Operations, Agile business functions, and organizational flexibility are additional aspects necessary for enterprises to compete in the digital age.


Level: advanced

Location: Date: 10/05/2019 Time: 13:35 - 14:15