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Implementing Business Agility by Adopting SAFe to Service Organizations

SAFe is a successful framework to transform a large-scale product development enterprise to a Lean-Agile enterprise. Nowadays, more and more service organizations—such as sales departments in banking or insurance, government authorities, and IT service units—want to go on their Lean-Agile way. We adopted SAFe practices, roles and artifacts to support those kinds of organizations. A central approach is to strengthen the Kanban model by defining a hierarchical Kanban system to define a flow of Epics, Features, and stories through our ‘Agile service train.’ Finally, we compare this approach with the common known approaches to Business Agility and show that the ‘Service SAFe’ framework is able to address most of the current Business Agility approaches.

Learning objectives:

  • Adopt SAFe to address the requirements of a large service organization
  • Design a hierarchical Kanban system to manage complex service flow
  • Relate your own business context to examples of Service SAFe implementations like regional government, IT service, banking sales

Level: intermediate

Location: Date: 09/05/2019 Time: 14:15 - 15:00