Go to Global Summit - San Diego, CA

Course Roadmap & Feedback

In this session, you will be given the opportunity to:

• Learn about our progress in designing and developing courses (and how you can get involved!) that address the Agile Product Management and Lean Portfolio Management roles. These courses are intended for audiences who want to align strategy and execution better and improve time-to-market and innovation.

• Learn about an end of a course student survey that supplements feedback we currently analyze.

• Provide feedback based on your experiences teaching. We’ll capture what is working well with our courses and certification program and what areas can be improved. Your input will provide actionable data that allows our Learning and Certification team to improve course effectiveness and your experience.

Prerequisites: None

Who Should Attend: All Partners

Location: Date: 08/05/2019 Time: 11:30 - 12:15 Marc Rix