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Coaching at Scale: The RTE and Scrum Master as ART Coaches

Problem: Most RTE’s and Scrum Masters do not realize the importance of their role as coach in Team and Technical Agility, leaving numerous Kaizen opportunities unaddressed.

Objective: Focusing on the Team and Technical Agility core competency, we will elaborate the need for RTE’s and Scrum Masters to be internal coaches to the ART. We will provide initial skills and ways to continue to learn the Art of Coaching at Scale

Key Learning: Focus on the need for internal coaching of the ART through coaching opportunities presented during I&A, PI Planning, Scrum Ceremonies, and System Demos, as well as role specific opportunities. Cover a summary of ways to improve as an internal coach, such as role specific CoP’s, individual learning, pair work coaching, and 360 assessments and peer coaching. Additional Scaled Agile training will be discussed to jump start the coaching skills and knowledge needed. We will discuss the 5 core competencies with a focus on the Team and Technical Agility from a coaching standpoint.

Key Activities: 3-4 short interactive events, both survey based and interaction with fellow attendees to briefly practice the skills discussed.


Level: Intermediate

Location: Date: 09/05/2019 Time: 13:15 - 14:00 Dwayne Stroman